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The NW Indiana Baptist Association exists to assist the churches of the Association in their ministry of reaching the lost.


This applies to everything we do. We act with integrity in the commitments we make, our handling of the Bible and doctrine as well as the resources God gives. We will act with integrity toward one another, an Association of churches, and honor one another as we relate to each other.


Believing that God is worthy of our very best efforts, we desire to present Him and ourselves in the very best means possible under any given circumstance to the world around us. In practical terms, this means that "Good enough is not good enough." If it can be done better, it should be done better whether that is an event or a worship service.


We value this because we believe God has called us to work together in building the Kingdom and that we can indeed accomplish more together than we can separately. Valuing cooperation causes us to support one another as churches and as churches working together within the Association to advance the Kingdom of our Lord. This means that the mission and ministry of every church is important. There are smaller congregations, but no small churches.

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